Do you want to get back into learning? Learn a new skill?

Due to the pandemic, many people have found their lives have had to change and are looking to update skills and learn something new. There are number of pathways for people to engage with FREE online learning:


GoLearn! runs a series of online Adult Learning Courses with a number of skills to tap into such as:

  • IT,
  • Digital Skills
  • Languages
  • Learning for Well-being

Learn more here:


open learn

Open Learn is a resource linked to the Open University offering a host of FREE courses involving subjects such as:

  • Health, Sports & Psychology
  • Education & Development
  • History & Arts
  • Languages
  • Money & Business
  • Nature & Environment
  • Science, Maths & Technology
  • Society, Politics & Law

Sign up here:


open university

Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership: Are you an existing member of a voluntary & community sector group or looking to set up a new group? If you would like to learn more about Leadership in the Voluntary Sector, The Centre for Voluntary Leadership via Open University Business School, offers a number of FREE courses: 

Find out more here:


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