Posted: December 2, 2020

Westfield Virus Volunteers Continue Their Support in Hinckley

Eight months from the onset of lock-down restrictions and the Westfield Virus volunteers have hit a milestone, they have exceeded over 3000  check-up and chat phone calls to people in the community who have been socially isolating during the long months of the pandemic.

In addition to the friendly phone calls they have been providing help in a number of ways. Including ordering and fetching shopping ,collecting and delivering  prescriptions , providing transport to GP and hospital appointments.

Whilst the centre’s free book and jigsaw library have proved very popular.

Now as the long nights draw in and with a considerable number of local residents still shielding or in lock-down The Westfield Community centre will be providing a take away meals to those in need.

Dave Roberts Head of Centre said “the phone call service is often the starting point  for getting help and support out to  the community. For some residents it’s just a quick  5 minute call to see that they are well and coping with lock-down restrictions , for others it can be a much longer chat a much needed  break from the  isolation and loneliness they are experiencing, or to arrange much needed vital support.

The transport services have been particularly welcomed by many of our service users, and on two occasions in the last 6 months have actually been life saving.

I m very proud of the committed groups of volunteers who have worked with the centre to provide this  level of care week in and week out throughout the pandemic.

But we are not through it yet.  As winter sets in we are expanding our support service to include a hot meals delivery service, for the elderly and socially isolated. The Westfield community centre is matching funds from Hinckley and Bosworth borough council to pilot the provision for those most in need, and now we have a vaccine in prospect we expect an increased demand for our medical  appointments transport service”

Dave Roberts, gave an interview on 27th November to Summaya Mughal and this can be listened to from 1hr 15mins into the following link:

For further details please call the community centre on 01455 637516.  

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