Posted: December 3, 2020

Since the very beginning of the pandemic Ron and Dawn Grantham who run the Markfield Community Centre set up a Good Neighbours Scheme with many volunteers in the neighbourhood.

"Within days of the lockdown in March we had volunteers covering every street in Markfield and Fieldhead. We now have 80+ volunteers providing amazing help and support in our community. So, in the event of further restrictions or lock downs we are READY and PREPARED to continue with this vital community support."

The Markfield Rock Adder!

One important element in getting through this terrible pandemic is keeping community spirit going. This where the 'Rock Adder' came into play. If you walk through the lovely Community Park in Markfield, you cannot fail to have noticed the Markfield Adder!

The Markfield Adder began during lock-down and local residents of all ages have contributed to make the Community Snake. The snake “slithers” around the park’s pathway and is now over a thousand painted stones and rocks long! The adder has provided hours of fun to many people, not only creating each stone or rock, but also viewing and counting the other rocks people have made! 

The snake has become such an endearing part of the community that villagers wish it to become part of a permanent village commemoration of the pandemic. So, with the support of Markfield Parish Council and the volunteers this will become a permanent fixture.

Bardon Quarry kindly donated a 6.2 ton granite rock that will form the centre piece of the of the commemoration and the Hinckley and Bosworth VCS has given us a grant from the *Community Volunteers Fund to help with the cost of materials.

The commemoration will be sited amongst the memorial arc of trees dedicated to soldiers who lost their lives during both World Wars. All the rocks and stones will form a central feature with daffodils and roses planted around it. The feature will include a time capsule with items marking the pandemic such as face masks, hand gloves, sanitiser, photographs, documents and stories sealed inside.

What will people think when the capsule is opened in 200 years time? Hopefully they will realise the strength of the community in Markfield and acknowledge the tremendous efforts and support of volunteers in our community. 

*If your group would like to apply to the Community Volunteer Fund, follow this link for more information and the application form:

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