Making a Difference Awards 2019 

Making a difference awards


MAD Awards



Recognising the contribution of volunteers within Hinckley & Bosworth.

The Borough Council’s Annual Making a Difference Awards took place on 6th June 2019, recognising the contribution volunteers make in strengthening our community, and improving the quality of life for residents. 

The awards recognise both individual and group volunteering contributions.

Residents are invited to nominate a person or group that deserves recognition for the help they give to others. 

Categories and Winners:

Inspirational volunteer/s          

An individual or group that you admire or feel are inspirational in respect of their voluntary work – it might be that they are involved in something new or unique, or because of their passion and commitment, perhaps they have overcome or are dealing with adversity.

Individual Winner: Angelia Welding 

Group Winner: Bosworth Explorers 


Young volunteer/s

We would like to hear about some of the great young people we have in the Borough who are volunteering and contributing their time and skills to benefit others within our community. This could be an individual or a group of young volunteers under the age of 18.

Individual Winner: Zia Cummings 

Group Winner: Queen Bees

Queen Bees




Creating a sense of community

This is about recognising volunteers who help individuals or groups of people to feel included, supported, involved and enabled to enjoy life within their community, for example: befriending, good neighbours, guide and scouting, walking, bowling, church groups, practical support such as offering transport, handyman services, community kitchens, allotments and libraries or even teaching young people practical skills, etc.

Individual Winner: Pat Crane

Group Winner: Newbold Verdon Community Christian Choir


Protecting, improving, or supporting our Environment

An individual or group who contribute to, and benefit our environment, making it a better place for us all.  This can include: tending wildflower meadows, supporting local woodland and canal management, community gardens, litter picks, and protecting the wildlife that is all around us.

Individual Winner: Mick Parker

Group Winner: Sheepy Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


Contributing to our local heritage, culture and tourism offer

This category is about recognising those who enable others to appreciate and benefit from our local heritage and cultural offer, making this Borough for us all to enjoy and attract visitors, for example: supporting a local museum, restoring a local listed building, monument, or even a steam train! It could be a person who is passionate about the Borough’s history and records and shares this knowledge for others benefit. 

Individual Winner: Charlotte Walton 

Group Winner: 4th Avenue 


Charlotte Walton

4th Avenue


Keeping People Safe and Well

Aimed at recognising those who volunteer for the benefit of others safety and wellbeing, for example: Neighbourhood Watch volunteers, community responders, St.John’s Ambulance, Street Pastors, or fundraisers for defibrillators, hospices, or other health and wellbeing related good causes. 

Individual Winner: Helen Cobley

Group Winner: Mencap 

Helen Cobley




Outstanding Volunteer Award:   Angelia Welding for her hard work, dedication and commitment running art and cookery groups within her local community. 


Angelia Welding Outstanding Volunteer Award


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