Posted: October 6, 2020

Helen Crouch – Bagworth & Thornton Coronavirus Response Team:

Helen Crouch was one of the wonderful volunteers nominated for a Making a Difference award.  Several nominations were received under the ‘Keeping People Safe and Well’ category as well as ‘Inspirational’.

Helen has been recognised for her personal effort in helping to set up and run the Bagworth & Thornton Coronavirus Response Team during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Helen and the rest of the team have supported the community throughout the pandemic delivering food, medication and generally being a true asset to the community.

One of the nominees, expresses how grateful people are to Helen, who ensured the support service was in place so quickly ‘has worked night and day to help everyone not only in our own village, but others around it during a very challenging time, and continued challenging time ahead’  

Other nominees said:

‘Helen has a heart of gold. She is reliable, professional, resourceful and friendly, always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone in need and a true asset to our village and community.

‘Helen has helped to ensure that Bagworth and the wider community  has remained safe and well during the corona virus pandemic. Helen works voluntarily from early morning to late evening delivering food to the vulnerable and those isolating, as well as being the telephone contact for assistance. What a true hero’

On behalf of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, our VCS and the Bagworth, Thornton and wider community we would like to thank Helen for everything she has done, and continues to do, she is indeed a truly inspirational volunteer.

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